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New Joiner: Aka Kherkeladze

Please join us in welcoming Aka Kherkeladze to the team as a Senior Software Engineer!

New Joiner: Constantinos Zoppis

Please join us in welcoming Constantinos to the team as a Senior Sales Development Representative!

New Joiner: Declan Johnson

Please join us in welcoming Declan to the team as a Sales Development Representative!

How to build a diverse AI Engineering candidate pipeline?

Discover the secrets to creating a diverse and inclusive AI Engineering candidate pipeline.

‘The power of work friends’

Discover the impact of work friendships on productivity and employee performance, and strategies to foster social interactions in the workplace while leveraging the power of referral programs.

‘Adapt or die’: A recruiter’s survival guide

Discover recruiter resilience secrets from Robbie Simpson: adapt processes, embrace data, cultivate performance culture, nurture versatile recruiters.

A startup approach to team-building

In this blog we share insights on building successful teams through structured interviews, training, and quality control, while emphasizing collaboration and guiding candidates towards success

Intrro now offers pay-on-performance pricing for employee referrals

Introducing: Intrro Pay on Performance Model A better way to build, scale and track employee referrals effectively. You can get started for free…..And only pay for the referral hires you make

How Dashlane turned HR upside down

In this blog, we share some invaluable insights from a visionary leader who’s taken a sledgehammer to traditional HR approaches. Buckle up for our latest ride through the company building galaxy.

Why we need to think differently about remote working 

“I really can’t wait to commute today,” said no one ever. In this brave new WFH world, we explore whether we recruiters are using remote working tools as effectively as we could be.

How to re-tool your hiring process

We’re guessing you may not be in recruitment overdrive right now, but that gives you the perfect excuse to press the reset button and tweak your talent-spotting methods.

Performance-based hiring processes

It’s easy to be charmed by a candidate who talks a good game, but how often do we recruiters get buyer’s remorse when a new hire doesn’t work out?

Lessons on hiring from Greenhouse

Read more about why Greenhouse philosophy is rooted in structured hiring and for people-first companies – companies that think about business strategy through a people lens.

How to leverage your best interviewers

A brilliant candidate experience doesn’t just appear out of thin air – it’s a consequence of thoughtful processes and putting your most committed people in the hot seat.

A ‘culture’ approach to hiring

It’s not the size of your workforce – it’s how you use them. That’s the message from some of the smart cookies we feature in this guide to ‘culture’ and hiring.

How to build a talent operation

Building a well-oiled hiring machine takes a lot more than the hottest tools and a higher headcount. Here, we share some expert insights on how to build consistent (and company-wide) hiring processes.

How to position your employer brand

Cultivating a unique employer brand can be worth its weight in bitcoin. In this blog, we examine the relationship between brand and talent with the help of some employer brand experts.

New Joiner: Alec Bezjian

We're excited to welcome Alec Bezjian to the team.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) explained

In this blog, we explore how Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can be an invaluable talent acquisition tool.

New joiner: Andrew Pederson

We'd like to give a warm (if belated) welcome to Andrew!

New Joiner: Ana Chikashua

We'd like to give a warm welcome to Ana Chikashua as a Data Scientist.

New joiner: David Rizol

We're excited to welcome David Rizol to the team

Silicon Valley’s best kept secret

There’s a time for ‘doing’ and there’s a time for reading and reflection, and this blog, we’d like to share some inspiring insights from a book that many Silicon Valley leaders swear by.

Recruiting in good times and bad

What lessons can we learn from the recent past? Here, we dust off the history books to help you refactor and improve your hiring processes for the rocky road ahead.

A ‘product’ approach to hiring

In this blog, we’re sharing some bright ideas on how hiring can be more like building a product, helping you to eliminate bias and boost retention.

On creating a great work culture (and how not to lose it)

Organisational culture is the secret sauce that separates the ‘meh’ companies from the major players. What can we learn from the Stripe success story, and is high productivity a thing of the past?

Methods of hiring

In this blog, we share some gems from the Intrro library and take a deep dive into different methods of hiring.

The importance of talent spotting

In this blog we look at how to spot talent more effectively, and we share some articles, podcasts and pearls of wisdom to help you identify those elusive A-players.

The state of hiring  

Talk of ‘recession’ is on everyone’s lips, so in this blog, we take a look at the state of play in the tech sector, and what the slowdown might mean for your hiring plans.

Why internal hiring matters

As the economy continues to slow down like a drunken tortoise, we thought we’d look at one way to ‘recruit smart’ – and that’s internal hiring strategies.

How to measure quality of hire

With trouble brewing in the global economy, the importance of hiring the right people – not disengaged duds – has become ever more salient.

How to build great teams

In this blog, we examine the case that teamwork makes the dream work.

How to interview like Google

In this blog, we look at some best-in-class interview techniques from Google, and some helpful tools you can try out.

Intrro certified with SOC 2 Type 2 security certification

We’re happy to announce that we are certified with the SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Keep reading to find out the needs of our customers are met.

How to hire more women

In this blog, we’ve collected some case studies and insights on how to increase and sustain female representation in tech.

How to hire during a recession

We explore some tips for how hiring teams can navigate the choppy waters of summer 2022 and beyond.

Forward thinking companies are planning for time and cost savings in 2023 by revamping their employee referral program

With automated employee referrals, companies now have the chance to keep up with all tasks and receive more significant referrals.

Creative ways to get employee referrals

Referrals have proven to be an effective method of attracting people to your organization, whether customers or employees.

New joiner: Ana Mchedlishvili 

We're excited to welcome Ana Mchedlishvili to the team.

The equity earthquake

How do you hire the best tech pros when all the good eggs are taken? In this blog, we examine why now is the best time for early-stage startups to steal the best talent from late-stage companies.

Is hybrid working…working?

Now that the dust has (sort of) settled on the future of work, how should we talk about hybrid working models when we recruit?

On AI, automation and recruiting

Anyone who’s watched Black Mirror can tell you that advances in AI don’t always end well. In this article, we’re asking what the dizzying developments in AI mean for how hiring is perceived.

Ideas for building a diverse workforce

Look at some of the ways your recruitment strategy can make your workplace more representative of society, and reflect you and your customers’ values.

Tactics for closing in-demand candidates

In this blog, we’re sharing some of the ways you can avoid that gut punch scenario and get a promising deal over the line.

What is an EVP?

Read why building an EVP is a big part of developing an intelligent marketing strategy for inbound recruiting.

How to make your hiring more transparent

They say that honesty is the best policy, and in this guide, we’ll look at how transparency and truthfulness can be invaluable tools in both hiring and retaining staff.

New Joiner: Luka Kvaratskhelia

We're excited to welcome Luka Kvaratskhelia to the team.

The future of HR

We’ve summarised some of the main actions and observations you may wish to consider about the future of remote work.

Intrro 3.0 ships candidates warmly introduced by employees, straight into your ATS

Intrro 3.0 gets you warm introductions to candidates your employees recommend, and ship them straight into your ATS.

How to attract executive talent

We’ve sifted through some expert opinion so we can share some valuable tips on how to hire executive talent.

The hypergrowth playbook

Handy pointers for how startups can launch into the stratosphere without too many growing pains.

How to manage employees remotely

Have the confidence to embrace WFH as an option, whatever the future may bring.

New Joiner: Vako Javakhishvili

We're excited to welcome Vako Javakhishvili to the team.

Interview: Amandeep Shergil, Automattic

We caught up with Amandeep Shergil, director of tech recruiting at Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Tumblr and more.

Interview: Ruby Bhattacharya, Astra

In this episode we learn from Ruby Bhattacharya, who is in charge of technical recruitment at Astra, a company that manufactures rockets. Ruby is also an active career coach.

Interview: Nicolas Bowles, Productboard

In this episode - we spoke with Nicolas, a recruiter at Productboard, a customer-driven product management platform, and he shared some pearls of wisdom on how to hire more effectively.

Interview: Bea Domiguez, Aviros

On this episode, we spoke with Beatrice Domiguez, Head of People and Talent at Aviros and covered some of the subtle yet significant differences in recruiting in Europe versus the Bay Area.

We’ve raised $2.2m to help more companies recruit through referrals

Intrro has been on a remarkable journey since 2020. Read more about Intrro’s announcement that we’ve raised $2.2m in funds from signals Venture Capital.

Why there’s more to hiring exceptional talent than looking at the CV

Building a winning team takes more than just the A-players. Read the Intrro guide on the pitfalls of only hiring exceptional talents.

What the optimal hiring funnel looks like + hiring funnel calculator

Getting your hiring funnel right could save you time and improve your chances of recruiting the right talent. Read the Intrro guide to measuring hiring funnels.

New Joiner: Rezi Costa Bzishvili

We're excited to welcome Rezi Costa Bzishvili to the team.

New Joiner: Apolon Pachulia

We're excited to welcome Apolon Pachulia to the team

New Joiner: Mariam Chaladze

We're excited to welcome Mariam Chaladze to the team.

Remote working: an opportunity or obstacle?

The remote working revolution has been dramatic, but what does it mean for recruitment? Find out more in the Intrro guide.

Why recruiting is everyone’s responsibility

Hiring isn’t something you can do while working in silos. Read the Intrro guide to collaborative recruitment methods.

Why a good recruitment strategy is about more than just volume

There is more to hiring talent than sending out blanket emails. Read the Intrro guide to finding the best candidates without simply playing the numbers game.

Why the candidate experience matters

A great candidate experience can encourage the most promising interviewees to say yes. Read our guide on how to improve your candidate experience.

Are you feeling the pain of hiring? You’re not alone

Recruitment has changed, so how can hiring managers adapt to these new times? Read the Intrro guide to hiring talent in 2021.

New Joiner: Nodar Okroshiashvili

We're excited to welcome Nodar Okroshiashvili to the team.

How to get better at hiring

Intrro is a collaboration tool that can help companies make better hiring decisions. Read our tips on how to recruit more effectively.

Calculating cost-per-hire

How do you calculate cost-per-hire? We explore different formulas in our guide to working out your cost-per-hire.

You’re not factoring in engineering time when calculating cost per hire. Here’s why you should.

Factoring in engineering time when calculating your cost-per-hire is often overlooked. Our guide explains why it’s important.

Why employee referral parties are the best way to hire talent

Why I joined Intrro

Intro to Intrro

The way we find and recruit talent can be done so much better. Discover how Intrro is transforming recruitment processes for countless tech businesses.

How to sell Intrro to your colleagues

Getting started with Intrro is easier than you think. Learn more about how to find the right talent for your business with Intrro.

Creative ideas to boost referrals

How can you boost your employee referral numbers? Here are some creative ideas to improve your referral recruitment strategy.

Smarter & more productive: Intrro 2.0 is here!

How Avalanche Studios used Intrro to hire from referrals

"You can't do referrals without employees" | Interview with ex-Coinbase tech recruiter, Ruby B

"Employee referrals are the best". An interview with Barb Bruno [AUDIO]

We talked with Barb Bruno, an employee referral advocate with +30 years of experience to ask her the ABC of successful programs, and why they're the best sourcing strategy for find great talent..

How to build an Employee Referral program? [EBOOK]

To build a great business, you need a great team. What do recruiters do as soon as they start in a new company? They start an Employee Referral Program.

Product Release: Intrro 2.0

Check out the latest Intrro updates. Integrations with ATS and Slack, easy sign-up for employees, workflow automation and smart referral suggestions. Get an invite and try it out!

Why organisations need employee referral programs

Referrals have the ability to add a much needed human element to recruitment,

4 reasons why fast-growing companies need employee referral programs

The need for good talent is paramount for any startup and becomes even more significant when the startup is on a high growth trajectory.

Why your employee referral program is flatlining - and how to fix it

Employee referral programs are meant to make your life easier. So why is it so hard to get referrals when you actually need them?

Seven HR Tech Startups Transforming A Very Human Industry

Check out this article mentioning Intrro in Forbes.

Build an employee referral
program that your people will love