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Intrro now offers pay-on-performance pricing for employee referrals

March 21, 2023

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Powered by Intrro Employee Referrals.

The updated platform gives recruiting teams everything they need - referral automation, campaigns, reward management and pay-on-performance pricing to build, track and manage your employee referral program.

An employee referral partner you can grow with and trust

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to partner with more than 100 customers who have used Intrro’s platform to build, manage and scale their employee referral program.

We get it, way too many HR tech tools overpromise and underdeliver. In today’s market, companies are focussing on increasing revenue, and profitability and reducing risk.

Increasing employee referral hiring enables your hiring team to be more efficient and will result in hiring more A players.

To completely mitigate the risk of shelfware, you can get started for free…..And only pay for the referral hires you make.

Customize your referral policy principles

You can host your referral policy within Intrro, configure your office locations and set the currency the bonus amount is calculated. You will be able to create rules for who is eligible for the bonus (recruiters and hiring managers may not be) and you have the option to create rules for certain roles that split the referral bonus payments based on retention milestones.

Manage Payouts 

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets. Easily track submissions, approvals, rewards, and payouts from one centralized dashboard and never miss a referral bonus payout again.

A monthly report will be automatically sent to the concerned stakeholders informing them of the payouts that are due based on the aforementioned rules.

Gamification + Referral Campaigns

You can create and assign points for employee activities that you want to encourage. You can also set up custom referral campaigns to create a sense of friendly competition and incentivize your team to make more referrals.

Then determine who is competing in this game: whether that is Department vs. Department or, Player vs. Player: each employee will compete against each other!

Choose what roles you want referrals for, offer a reward for each specific campaign, who you would to participate and the duration of the campaign and make leaderboards visible on the employee dashboard!

Start powering your employee referral program with Intrro 

From startups to large enterprises, we’re excited to power the referral programs at some of the worlds most exciting companies.

In fact, innovators like HelloFresh are already taking advantage of the latest Powered by Intrro features to offer their recruiters, employees and candidates alike a unique referral hiring experience, and set their company up for cost-effective growth. 

As HelloFresh lead recruiter, Anya McDonald said:

"Intrro is a tool we use at HelloFresh to magnify our global network by using our excellent talent to further connect top referrals, and it is just simple, and easy".

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