Get more employee referrals into your ATS, with the integration for Slack

Extend your referral hiring collaboration by communicating with employees directly in Slack. Reach out on for any assistance.

Onboard your whole company and share priority jobs you need referrals for

Mark candidates that are a good fit and encourage employees to refer them

Schedule reminders for your employees to refer more candidates against jobs in your ATS

Notify employees when you mention them on a note under a candidate

Install app for Slack from your Company Settings

Authenticate your company’s workspace with Intrro to install our app for Slack.

Enable Slack Direct Messaging from Intrro

Allow Intrro to message other Slack users - your employees, on your behalf.

Referral notifications will be sent directly from your profile to employees

Notify employees about candidates who you think are a great fit for the roles you’re hiring for, directly using your Slack profile to increase the referral rate

Setup daily reminders for your employees to make referrals

Send gentle reminders to employees privately, to remind them about referrals they’re yet to make

Build an employee referral
program that your people will love