Smarter hiring starts with Employee Referrals 

As you’re doing more with less, it’s time to turn your top performers into top recruiters. 

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Grow your team, with your team

Harness the power of your team's collective network to scale, manage, and track your employee referral program.

Use referral automation to engage talent more deeply, build diverse, high-quality pipelines, and hire predictably at any scale.

What’s your plan to get predictable talent pipeline whilst reducing cost per hire?

We deliver transformative impact


Reduction in cost-per-hire


Reduction in time-to-hire


Better conversions

After 6 months of usage

Forward thinking companies are planning for time and cost savings in 2023 by revamping their employee referral program

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Communication is scattered, disorganized and hard to coordinate

Without a single system to aggregate all your employee referrals, it becomes a tedious process for recruiters to collect, engage and follow up on referred candidates.

Turn employee's networks into your talent pipeline

Referral hiring is collaborative. Organize all your communication with employees, candidates and recruiters - all in one place to build a single-home for your referral program!

Onboard your company with automated invitation workflows

Bring your entire company onboard using pre-drafted messaging sequences that sync with Microsoft Teams or Slack

Employees mark candidates they can introduce

As soon as employees sign up on Intrro, they see contacts in their network who they are likely to know and are prompted to mark who they can introduce to the recruiting team

Recruiting reviews candidates and asks for referrals!

Review recommended candidate profiles who you can be introduced to that match your jobs in your ATS. Discover the nature of relationships, leave notes and more!

Employees get notified on referral requests directly in Slack or Teams

Send referral requests directly to your employees using Slack, Teams or email

Employee contacts the candidate to see if they’re interested

After an referral is requested, your employees will forward a templated email or shareable link, with an ability to personalize the note.

Candidate opts-in to connect with recruiting

With an easy Yes-No option, the referred candidate can respond to the referral request in 1-click!

Introduction email is sent automatically connecting the candidate with recruiting

Intrro automatically connects the interested candidate on behalf of the employee, to the recruiting team. Ready for you to take it forward!

Enterprise Grade Security: SOC 2® Type 2

Your referrals, your data.

Intrro is the only employee referral platform that is certified SOC 2 Type 2. Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or disclosure and choose a platform with enterprise-grade security.

Build an inclusive referral culture with Intrro

“Intrro has fundamentally changed our approach to identifying referrals while simultaneously providing a best-in-class experience for recruiting, our employees, and referrals. Game changer.”

Colin Tew

Senior Technical Recruiter


Become a network hiring pro using referral automation

Customise which referrals you want from your co-workers, bringing the right people together to make it happen. 

Smart referral automations

Spend less time sourcing and more time hiring, high-quality interested candidates

“For anyone looking to augment a referral program to find top-talent, Intrro’s platform is a game-changer!”

Rob Bhatia – Senior Technical Talent Sourcer • ApplyBoard

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New levels of teamwork and alignment

Intrro enables an approach to talent that is company-wide and on the mind of every employee — let's face it, expecting your co-workers to regularly manually upload their contacts into your ATS is a tough ask!

“Our team loves using Intrro to scale employee referrals. We also appreciate collaborating with our team members on talent that they can vouch for.”

Theresa Dobson – VP of people

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Get actionable insights

Referral intelligence shows you what’s working (and what’s not) across your organization’s funnel, so you can constantly improve.

“Intrro helps me maximize our team’s true potential.”

Ron Konstantin – Sourcing Expert • Riskified

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“Intrro is easy to implement and results come as quickly as your team can roll it out, no delays.”

Nushi Yapabandara

Senior Technical Recruiter

Lily AI

Connect Intrro with your tools

Sync your ATS to see referrals matched against your active jobs

Track candidates who match the criteria for jobs you’re hiring for and has an existing relationship with your employees.

Intrro requests land into


Slack profile

Employees receive intrro

requests on

Teams chat

"Intrro makes it easier for companies to connect with qualified candidates in their employee’s social and professional networks"

Don't take our word for it…

Stefany Ton That
Lead Talent Acquisition
“Intrro is a great way to boost referrals using tech. It’s really simple and easy to use!”
Tim O’Donoghue
“Our employees are our best recruiters. Intrro enabled us to discover, vet and engage with great engineering candidates within our teams’ network. It’s the smartest way to hire great talent!”
Thomas Allsop
Talent Lead – Engineering
“Intrro an efficient, intuitive and FUN way to source great talent”
Wouter Pastoor
People Operations
“With Intrro we make referral hiring as easy as it should be! A user-friendly system that shows the power of our networks!”
Rob Bhatia
Senior Technical Talent Sourcer
“For anyone looking to augment a referral program to find top-talent, Intrro’s platform is a game-changer!” 
Ron Konstantin
Sourcing Expert
“Intrro helps me maximize our team’s true potential”
Jean Pierre Shammas
Senior Talent Acquisition
Avalanche Studios Group
“Intrro simplifies employee referrals and magnifies the power of our networks. It’s awesome!”
Theresa Dobson
Theresa Dobson – VP of people
“Our team loves using Intrro to scale employee referrals. We also appreciate collaborating with our team members on talent that they can vouch for.”
Lisa Thomas
Album VC
"Intrro makes it easy to find qualified talent and make referrals within our team networks."

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