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Scale employee referral efforts using your company network. Simply invite your co-workers to join in Slack, they’ll sync their professional networks in 2 clicks and we’ll get you diverse referrals shipped into your ATS.
Dear Recruiters,
Imagine if you could press a button and make all your grunt work disappear. Imagine if you could hire candidates that you just know will turn out to be stars. Imagine if you had time to do your job properly.
All too often, recruitment is expensive, slow and risky. In most cases, an agency hire costs around $20k. Interviewing the wrong people costs time and money. And companies simply can’t afford to make a bad hire. The late Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once said that bad hires cost his company "well over $100 million." There are plenty of fish in the sea, but choosing the wrong fish is one expensive trout.
Until now, a lack of tools has meant recruiters are fumbling in the dark. How do you really know which candidates are strong? And how does a candidate know which company is really right for them? Without proper insights, recruiters can be forgiven for feeling like matchmakers who keep setting up bad dates.
"Intrro is a great way to boost referrals using tech. It's really simple and easy to use!"
Stefany Ton That
Talent Acquisition Manager

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1 click ATS sync. Co-workers sign in via Slack and sync networks in just 2 clicks.

Set up your personas

Describe your ideal candidate and we’ll get you referrals that match those attributes.

Unlock Hidden Employee Referrals

Deeply search in your co-workers hidden memory to systematically unlock the rockstars from their past.

Star Talent

Easily identify the stars in your company network marked by your co-workers.

No more spreadsheets

Diverse talent is matched against open jobs in your co-workers network.

Build Champions around candidates

Get more referrals and receive valuable insights from your co-workers.

No more spammy cold outreach

Receive warm intro’s into interested, diverse and high-quality talent.

Employee Referral hiring made easy

Improve hiring efficiency, quality & not to mention save on cost per hire.

Employee referral hiring that feels like magic

Prioritise jobs and invite co-workers that you would like to jam with on referral hiring
"Our team loves using Intrro to scale employee referrals..we also appreciate collaborating with our team members on talent that they can vouch for."
Theresa Dobson
Head of People

Get Diverse Employee Referrals

Get your team on the same page when it comes to D&I.

  • Invite participants from underrepresented groups from day 1 and make them aware of your hiring goals. 
  • Understand the diversity of your whole pipeline and discover how individuals self identify.
  • Measure referral pipeline health and pass-through rates, reduce bias and share ROI on DE&I.

One Click ATS Intergration

Jobs and referrals synced with your ATS

Built for Slack. Keeping employee referrals top of mind.

  • Ask for introductions
  • Respond to requests
  • Get an endorsement
"Intrro makes it easier for companies to connect with qualified candidates in their employee’s social and professional networks"

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Stefany Ton That
Lead Talent Acquisition
“Intrro is a great way to boost referrals using tech. It’s really simple and easy to use!”
Tim O’Donoghue
“Our employees are our best recruiters. Intrro enabled us to discover, vet and engage with great engineering candidates within our teams’ network. It’s the smartest way to hire great talent!”
Thomas Allsop
Talent Lead – Engineering
“Intrro an efficient, intuitive and FUN way to source great talent”
Wouter Pastoor
People Operations
“With Intrro we make referral hiring as easy as it should be! A user-friendly system that shows the power of our networks!”
Rob Bhatia
Senior Technical Talent Sourcer
“For anyone looking to augment a referral program to find top-talent, Intrro’s platform is a game-changer!” 
Ron Konstantin
Sourcing Expert
“Intrro helps me maximize our team’s true potential”
Jean Pierre Shammas
Senior Talent Acquisition
Avalanche Studios Group
“Intrro simplifies employee referrals and magnifies the power of our networks. It’s awesome!”
Theresa Dobson
Head of People
“Our team loves using Intrro to scale employee referrals. We also appreciate collaborating with our team members on talent that they can vouch for.”
Lisa Thomas
Album VC
"Intrro makes it easy to find qualified talent and make referrals within our team networks."

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