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We’ve tried to keep the conversation about you, but since you’re here…we’ll assume you’re curious about the folks behind Intrro.
So here's a little about us.

Helping build an approach to talent engagement that is company wide

In order to create a world class recruiting machine you must turn every employee into a recruiter, by soliciting referrals. And the rationale is simple. When we make hiring decisions, we should be pooling together our collective wisdom, not working in silos and hoping for the best.

We know that cold outbound prospecting automations are suffering from diminishing returns. We also know that the best talent doesn’t respond to mass messaging or browse job boards, but they do listen to people who they trust.

In a world where values and mission are becoming increasingly important - your employee’s are the perfect vehicle to convey your employer brand.

Team members

It started with referrals.
Now it’s so much more

Hey! We’re Neel and Nasser, the co-founders of Intrro. We started Intrro after nearly a decade in recruiting. We witnessed, in the midst of facing the worst labor shortage in the last 100 years, recruiting resources and headcount grow tremendously, but productivity has not correlated.

Modern enterprises hire some of the worlds most talented and passionate people. They are highly engaged and apply a contribution mindset. Your employee’s genuinely want to see their companies succeed, work alongside the best people and help their network get good jobs. It’s just that expecting them to manually upload their contacts into your ATS is a tough ask!

Intrro helps unlock the power of your employee’s networks, enhancing existing referral behaviour and incentive structures, whilst making this process easy and fun. Existing programs usually have less than 20% of the participants responsible for 80% of the referral submissions.

We’re building Intrro to make the approach to talent company wide easy and consistent.

What makes us tick?

We are grateful for our customers and work relentlessly to solve their problems.

We share info freely, communicate openly, and do what is best for the team before ourselves. We make time to help colleagues and are ego-less/low pride when searching for the best ideas and the truth.

We inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We care intensely about our customers success. We celebrate wins. We are tenacious.

We seek excellence. We focus on helping each other achieve excellence. We accomplish amazing amounts of important work. We demonstrate consistently strong performance, so our colleagues can rely on each other. We focus on great results rather than process. We exhibit bias-to-action rather than analysis paralysis.

We make wise decisions despite ambiguity. We identify root causes and go beyond treating symptoms. We think strategically and articulate what we are, and what we are not trying to do. We separate what can be done now and what can be improved later.

Small team, big impact

Life only allows us time to participate in a handful of truly meaningful undertakings.
We started Intrro with this in mind, and the realization that each one of our lives
has been profoundly impacted by a serendipitous referral.




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