An employee referral program designed by you, powered by us

Help your company build a referral culture with software that can create referral habits to refer every time a new vacancy opens.

World-class companies power their employee referral program with Intrro

Goodbye chaos, hello unified employee referral experience

With Intrro, recruiters are proactive, your company network, referrals and communications are organized in a single unified platform so no update is missed. The result is higher employee satisfaction and more offers accepted.

Say goodbye to
messy spreadsheets

Easily track submissions, approvals, rewards, and payouts from one centralized dashboard and never miss a referral bonus payout again.

Continuously improve
your referral program

Take a data-driven approach to reviewing your referral program with referral analytics. Optimize your program by identifying what’s working well and what areas need improvement.

Your referrals, your data.

Our software passes the test in the most demanding production environments where security and compliance are critical. We integrate with most ATS systems, Office 365, and GSuite. SOC II Type 2 compliant.

Intrro is fully integrated
with your systems

If a candidate is already in your network or was sourced before, that context is visible across each channel so you are able to take informed action, or even backchannel.

Get referrals from
your best people with
predictive insights

Get ahead of the game to hire top talent – our algorithms combine referral engagement and referral performance data to show you who are your best referral performers

“Keeping 1 central hub for all-things-referrals has been transformative. And we can now get introduced directly to candidates our employees recommend!”

Peter Van Voorhis
Head of Talent Acquisition at X1 Card

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