Turn your top performers into top recruiters

Take the friction out of employee referrals with a process that focuses on employee engagement

World-class companies power their employee referral program with Intrro

A referral program that your people will love

The economic picture has meaningfully changed. Do more with less, turn your top performers into top recruiters.

Build a referral

Help your company build a referral culture with software that can create referral habits to refer every time a new vacancy opens

An easy-to-use

Run headache‑free referral process with an intuitive, user-friendly employee referral platform.

An employee
referral tool for all

Create an inclusive referral process for all employees which makes your approach to talent, company-wide

Create a more transparent employee referral hiring

Automated and customizable communications make administration a hands-free experience while, ensuring your employees and candidates remain informed and engaged

Your next diverse hire
is already in your
company network!

Using Intrro, your employees will create a talent pool filled with underrepresented candidates they recommend and want to work with.

Motivate your team
to refer their
best candidates

Gamification can be an effective way to encourage more referral submissions. With features like leaderboards and point redemption, create a sense of friendly competition and a reward system for those who submit high quality referrals
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Organize healthy competition among your teams

Collaborate with your entire team to have healthy competitions on who can submit the most referrals!

“Intrro has fundamentally changed our approach to identifying referrals while simultaneously providing a best-in-class experience for recruiting, our employees, and referrals. Game changer! ”

Colin TEw
Senior Recruiting Partner at Superhuman

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