Scale, manage and track your employee referral program

Your company network is full of other great people. See how you’re connected and make referrals ridiculously easy with Intrro

The #1 AI-powered employee referral platform

Employees mark candidates they want to work with

Using Intrro’s Chrome Extension, employees will first import their LinkedIn contact book and mark candidates they recommend, as stars!

Recommended contacts are matched against jobs in your ATS

Employees can easily start referring their contacts who are interested in roles at your company and are open to interviewing

Get notified about new referrals for the jobs you’re hiring for

An email is sent notifying you about referred candidates from departments you’re hiring for

Review candidate profiles and approve referrals!

When an active referral is approved, an introduction email is sent to you from the employee’s inbox automationally, on their behalf.

Make your approach to talent company wide.

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