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Best examples of employee referral programs

Find inspirations to build a world-class employee referral program using these resources aggregated with insights from the talent acquisition leaders working at some of the world’s renowned enterprises.

How to run a referral jam

How can a sourcing jam help you find talented people for your business? Discover more in the Intrro guide to employee referral parties.

How to calculate employee referral bonus

Employee referrals are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to speed up your hiring. However, getting referrals is never easy.

The most genius ideas for employee referral programs

Here are a few companies that had the most genius ideas for their employee referral programs.

How to leverage memory in your hiring strategy

Your co-workers’ memories are key to identifying and recruiting talent. But how can technology leverage this? Read our guide.

How to build a referral culture

Building a referral culture from the ground-up takes time. Discover how Intrro can help you improve the way you hire.

Why existing referral platforms are broken

The old rules of recruitment are ripe for disruption. Find out how Intrro is changing the way you hire talent for good.

Why plan your sourcing jam with Intrro?

With Intrro, you can schedule a sourcing jam that fast-tracks your access to the best talent. Find out how in our guide.

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