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Why plan your sourcing jam with Intrro?

Neel J Shah
March 19, 2023

We all like to party, but behind the scenes, being a host takes time, energy and more pastry than you can shake a traybake at. Running an employee referral party, or sourcing jam, is definitely a good idea, but planning it with Intrro is an even better idea. In this guide we’ll explain why.

Why should I plan a sourcing jam?

A sourcing jam is a great opportunity to recruit the right talent for your business and save time and money in the process. You can gather your co-workers, shortlist the best prospects, and think long and hard about who’s right for your key open roles.

Normally, when looking for a new hire, a lot of time is spent on phone calls, testing and interviewing candidates, and making them jump through a burning ring of fire. Not only does this take time and energy, it pulls some of your key people out of their day jobs, which affects productivity. That’s before we get into engineering time, which is a significant hidden cost-per-hire. By contrast, running a sourcing jam means you can eliminate all that grunt work and get quality leads that might just turn into the perfect hire. After all, your employees know their ex-colleagues better than anyone. Isn’t that a smarter approach than fishing through a swamp of CVs?

Make it a party with Intrro

With Intrro, scheduling a sourcing jam is a piece of carrot cake. Here are five reasons why Intrro can help you be the host with the most.

  1. You can get started in minutes. When you use Intrro, your applicant tracking system (ATS) can sync with your open roles in one click. You select your priorities, then invite your co-workers on Slack; they’ll be able to sync their professional networks in just two clicks. Once you’ve sent them a link to join the jam, they’ll see the most promising candidates in their network. At this point, they can mark their chosen people with a star, submit leads and make referrals.
  2. You can tailor your search. With Intrro, you can tell us what you’re looking for by setting your personas; this means we will surface great talent in your employees’ network according to the criteria you’ve set, such as diversity of background and attributes you’re looking for. We’ll give referral suggestions to your employees, so they can recommend the best talent and give you some useful context for when you make an introduction.
  3. You can tap into the memory bank. A sourcing jam is a chance for your co-workers to drill-down and think of all the bright sparks from their past. Intrro lets you personalise the nudging of employees with specific open questions, like ‘who is the best finance person you’ve ever worked for?’ Here is a spreadsheet for inspiration, and check out this Sequoia Capital blog for some background reading on the ‘memory palace’.
  4. You can get valuable information. Writing lists is all well and good, but with Intrro you can stick ‘em in the recycle bin. That’s because Intrro lets your employees fill out a form (using Slack if they like) and share background info on the person they’re referring. The employee can include further details, such as whether the person knows they’re being referred, meaning any awkward factor is dialled down to zero. Oh, and all of this information is sent directly to your ATS.
  5. Everyone can keep track. Intrro includes a ‘my referrals’ section, where your employees can see the referrals they’ve made. Your co-workers can enjoy total transparency, a simple platform, and no more trawling through LinkedIn for hours.
Intrro makes recruitment fun – no, seriously 

When employees use Intrro, they can spend mere minutes clicking through referral suggestions, jogging their memory of those nostalgic days working with people they might have forgotten about. Meanwhile, your sourcing jam means they can chomp on canapés and earn rewards – a brilliant team bonding opportunity.

Want to see for yourself? Take Intrro for a spin and enjoy a free trial today.


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