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New Joiner: Declan Johnson

January 29, 2024

Please join us in welcoming Declan to the team as a Sales Development Representative! 🔥

Before joining intrro, Declan was a Sales Executive at Lobster Claw Fashion Brand and has previously worked in recruiting role with The RIG Recruitment.

Declan will be helping us build the next-gen referral automation platform, delighting recruiting teams and their co-workers alike by making employee referrals easy. ⛷️

If you'd like to get to know Declan a bit more, read on!

What are you most excited about joining Intrro? 

I’m excited to start a journey with a company that is hungry and eager to expand and grow and i strongly believe in the product which the company is selling.

What do you love most about working in sales? 

I love being challenged on the phone with objections and also having a different conversation with every customer, and the satisfaction of getting a sale.

What type of projects are you excited to work on at Intrro?

I’m excited to get a better understand of the product and how it was developed also i’m really excited to be apart of the new sales team and really push to increase growth for the company.

What do you like to do outside of the office? 

I love sports i follow the cricket and i love and follow my hometown team Manchester united i play on the ps5 a lot and a spend time with my family.

Fun fact? 

I got scouted to play for football when I was younger but i didn’t want to, i failed my driving license 5 times.

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