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Use referral automation to engage talent more deeply, build diverse, high-quality pipelines, and hire predictably at any scale.

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Make your approach to talent company wide
Average employee engagement rate
Referrals per employee before Intro
Referrals per employee after Intro

Keep your employee’s
updated on what the
hiring priorities are

Intrro automates, engages, activates and transforms hiring through the power of your people, keeping referrals top of mind.

Get referrals aligned to
business needs

Set the criteria of the referrals you want and you’re done: Intrro notifies your employees who have matches in their network and they can easily refer contacts they’d love to work with.

Stop sending bland
unengaging candidate emails

No one is better at conveying your employer brand than your employees. Give your candidates a VIP experience by leveraging your employees in the hiring process.

Get referrals to recommended talent from your co-workers

Automate your referral process using intelligent workflows to get referrals to high quality contacts in your employees' network.

Action powerful insights
across key touchpoints
in the employee
referral journey

Turn insights into high‑impact actions by uncovering the crucial relationship between your organization’s employee referral performance and employee engagement.

“It's incredibly easy to use – especially when there is a multitude of other things to juggle in the hiring process, Intrro really simplifies the referrals process for anybody involved.”

Nathan Lee
Technical Recruiting Partner at Superhuman

Build an employee referral
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