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Nasser Oudjidane
December 19, 2022
Dear recruiters,

One of the best assets that your business owns is right in front of you. Employee network data is the goldmine sitting under your feet. Why? Because on average, referred candidates are simply better in terms of performance, culture-add and staying power. Better yet, they’re more likely to get hired – and hired quickly – which reduces the need for endless interviews, tests and dilly-dallying.

When we make hiring decisions, we should be pooling together our collective wisdom, not working in silos and hoping for the best. You can’t access the best candidates if you’re not asking the right people. And you can’t fight a ‘war for talent’ with a ‘spray and pray’ water pistol. Intrro is opening up the recruitment process and leveraging the brain power of employee networks to transform the way we work. 

With Intrro, you and your talent acquisition team have access to all your employees’ connections at your fingertips. You can specify your ideal candidate so your recommendations are tailored to your objectives, such as increasing diversity. 

Networking doesn’t have to be a closed-shop. By enabling your co-workers to collaborate on hiring, you can unlock their energy and develop a focused approach to recruitment. Intrro means no more looking for needles in the haystack – just a properly functioning tech stack.

Of course, technology alone is not the solution. Cutting time doesn’t mean cutting corners. Automation doesn’t mean autopilot. Tech is the means, but better, enduring relationships are the consequence. Yes, Intrro helps to digitise the referral process by matching the most promising talent in your company network against open vacancies. But ultimately, it’s about making recruitment more human. Technology is great, but technology alone is no silver bullet; our solution is about your co-workers being able to vouch for talented people they have worked with and actually know.

Intrro gives you a heads-up if your co-workers have existing relationships with candidates, meaning you don’t have to manually nag your colleagues to scroll through their LinkedIn. It means you can gather more context and approach candidates with a warm introduction, not a spammy email. We know that candidates are 46% more likely to respond if approached by someone they know. Once you’ve made a personal connection with the candidate, you won’t feel like the cold caller or spambot that candidates tell us they dislike. Sorry to break the news folks, but not every candidate likes recruiters. Don’t worry, we think you’re awesome.

We all want to get paid, but these days, opening a briefcase full of banknotes is no guarantee of securing the brightest and the best. Values matter. Culture matters. Your mission matters. Gone are the days where employees see themselves as ‘lifers’ in the same 9 to 5 for eternity. Values and culture are not just buzzwords – they can be the difference maker in whether a candidate wants to work for you, or someone else. If you’re a candidate and you have two offers for the same salary, you can either take a gamble on the company you know little about, or you can choose the firm where people seem happy, and you have direct proof of this through a trusted contact. As a company, your employees are the perfect vehicle to advocate your employer brand.

And let’s be real: the best tech candidates hold the cards. With the average job tenure down, and a growing talent shortage combined with soaring demand for skills, companies need to work harder to retain the brightest sparks. With a referred candidate, you’ll know there’s more than a decent chance that their culture aligns with your workplace. After all, your co-workers are best placed to know whose outlook matches your company’s.

No one said assembling a winning team is easy, but neither should it be stressful. No one should be kept awake at night worrying about quarterly KPIs. No one should have to worry about spending a fortune on the wrong candidate, or burning bridges with the right one.

We can recruit better. We can save time, money and stress. We can build world-class companies where people love to work. And we can make this change happen now. 

There’s only so much talent out there, and it’s time you intrro’d your business to it.

Discover Intrro today.

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