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How Avalanche Studios used Intrro to hire from referrals

December 19, 2022

Last week, we spoke to Jean-Pierre Shammas, Senior Talent Acquisition at Avalanche Studios to listen to his team's feedback after using Intrro for 30 days.

Company: Avalanche Studios Group
Bio: Avalanche Studios Group is a leading interactive entertainment company, offering a rich portfolio of games from its divisions
Size: 451 employees
Open roles: 60

The hyper-growth journey at Avalanche

The journey has been very fun and intensive. I would say that we have grown... just before I started, we opened up the third location. Now we have 4 locations internationally, and we grew with over 200 people at the moment. That's about 60 open roles.

What's the biggest challenge for the recruiting team?

So the challenge here is that we get a lot of applicants to certain roles and then we have very few applicants or zero applicants for other more niche roles, I would say. And the time consuming part is of course, the sourcing bits for the roles where we don't get as much people.Our pain-point is actually doing hands-on sourcing.

What part of your process is still manual work?

Manually, it's still a lot of coordination and scheduling. We have like a recruitment coordinator supporting with that, but we still have to do the communication. It's still manual work with getting internal referrals. We do have a system for it, we do have a back-office log where people can find out about it, but we have to push for that, of course, every now and then, and also since we're growing a lot, all the new people are not aware of this. So we try to have constant feeds about it and, for instance, newsletters and the onboarding, etc.

Why you decided to try Intrro?

We definitely wanted to try something new that could add to our sourcing methods because the sourcing is something that takes a lot of time. So the point of Intrro was the automated sourcing, you could say, or helping people internally to communicate with their networks so we could get more people in.

What happened when you started using Intrro?

I could see that we got a better spread looking into the employees networks, especially on LinkedIn. And this was, I think, a very good method of partly seeing what kind of network do we have, but also to try and get people engaged to... to ping their network fellows in order to see if they would like to come work for us, of course.

The thing I liked was that we got very good insight of how actually big the network was to pinpoint some different roles. And then, we had to of course try to engage people to make those actions in the solution for reaching out to their network.

What was the best part of using Intrro?

It's so easy for people internally to click on a button, to refer to someone, and then the tool would automate that connection, of course, they would either use an automatic message or, something self written, something self written, and that was the best part.

What do you love about Intrro?

More insight and overview of what's out there within the networks that we have internally, and that it was like a very easy tool to use.

What would you say to other Intrronauts-to-be?

I definitely think the tool is very... could be very efficient and... to optimize and act as a compliment to your current way of working, because you will find a lot of people within the networks that you haven't internally, especially when new people come on board, they will of course add with their networks and etcetera. So I think it's... this is a solution for like a snowball effect to get. And I think if you use it with time and you have a person who can champion it, then you will reach great results.

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