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Intrro 3.0 ships candidates warmly introduced by employees, straight into your ATS

Nasser Oudjidane
February 28, 2022

We all know that the talent market is super competitive right now and recruiters are too busy to source.

We can also feel that the amount of cold prospecting automation has made the day job of a recruiter very similar to an SDR, when it doesn’t have to be.

Check out what you can do with next gen employee referral automation in the video below:

  • Employees mark stars in their networks and tell you who they can refer
  • Recruiters approve and get warmly introduced to top talent from your co-workers
  • Track this all in Lever/GH

See Intrro in action. 👇

What's new on Intrro

Employees import their LinkedIn contacts and mark referrals in 2-clicks

When your employees join Intrro, they will:

  1. Sync their LinkedIn contact book using Intrro’s Chrome Extension
  2. Star talents from their network, who they are most likely to know
  3. Signal to recruiters who among the starred talents they would refer

Recruiters request intrros from employees

All referrals signaled by your employees are surfaced on the "Referrals" page, and you can evaluate each candidate prior to requesting an intrro.

Referrals on Intrro are classified into 3 tiers:

  • Email Introduction - on your request, the employee promptly contacts the candidates via email and copies the recruitment team into the thread.
  • Warm Prospect - where the employee prefer the recruiter to reach out to the candidate, but are happy to mention their name in the email to induce a response.
  • Cold Prospect - where the employee recommends the candidate, but the recruiters shouldn’t mention their name on the outreach email.

Employees introduce you to candidates via email

Once you’ve sent out an intrro request, your employees can proceed to getting in touch with the candidate, directly.

Employees have the liberty to choose between

  1. Emailing the candidate privately first to see if they’re interested and then connect you, if they are (OR)
  2. Directly email the candidates and copy you into the thread

Candidates are able to express their interest in 1-click and they will move to "Intrro Made" tab under your To-Do page, if they accept.

Note that Intrro will automatically follow up with accepted candidates via email on your behalf, to open a direct dialogue with the candidate.

Customize your referral pipeline by defining which roles you’d like referrals for

As a recruiter, you can narrow down your attention automatically towards your highest priority roles you’re actively recruiting for.

During your onboarding process, you will be prompted to set this up and any referrals signaled by your employees will be customized to fit your current priorities.

You may modify these preferences at any time from your Personal Settings page.

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