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Product Release: Intrro 2.0

December 19, 2022

Here at Intrro we want you to know that we’ve got your back. These are turbulent times, and it's more important than ever that we all huddle together and be kind to one another.

We’ve been staying close and attentively listening to the challenges you have encountered in trying to attract brilliant people to join your company. We’re excited to present to you some of our newest product features and enhancements, all designed to make your life easier and more productive.

We ran interviews with 30 + tech recruiters, and that was our north star to keep developing Intrro and to adapt to the ever-changing and rigorous needs you're experiencing. This research led us to make moves in:

  1. Integrations & easy sign-up
  2. Workflow automation
  3. Smart referral suggestions

1) Integrations

Slack & ATS

Firstly, instead of asking you to spend time and effort migrating to Intrro, we integrate with the software you're already using.

For communications, this is Slack. Our Intrrobot sends messages, reminders, even small polls for endorsements that will save you a lot of time and headspace. A virtual assistant for you and the employees that are collaborating with your open searches.

For HR software, this means full integration with your ATS. We discovered that most fast-growing startups use 5 most popular ATS, so instead of asking you to dump the info you have there into Intrro, we connect with your software and retrieve it ourselves. Yes, automatically. And yes, it syncs two ways.

referrak sourcing slack integration
Ask for a referral with Intrrobot for Slack

Easy sign up

After you agree to trialing the software you’ll be immediately invited into Slack and sent an invitation to access Intrro.

  1. You can set yourself up, inputting your API Key for ATS integration, and you can input company information to create an Employee Branding Page that the referred candidates will be directed to.
  2. From the Intrro admin console, you will be able to invite the participating employees within Slack to join the platform.
  3. Employee's can sync their Gmail, Outlooks & LinkedIn networks with one click. Employees only need to register an account and give permission for Intrro to sync their networks automatically.
Easy sign up to Intrro for employees

2) Workflow Automation

Referral Sourcing

Once we've pooled your team's networks, we've developed an advanced sourcing tool that is designed specifically for technical recruiters working in high growth technology companies. You will be able to search across your companies collective network with very specified filters, find introduction paths, get back-channel reviews and receive personalized warms intrro's.

Your team’s network power combined means you can instantly answer questions like:

  • Who are some great data scientists working in growth stage fintech's in our network?
  • Does anyone on our team know a marketer at Deliveroo?
  • Can anyone on our team give background on Alice who applied to our Director of Engineering position?

referral sourcing Intrro
Search Talent dashboard

Identify who has the best connection

We use data science to tell you the exact strength of the relationship between your employee and their contact. Meaning that you can identify who in your company has the best connection so that you can get warm intrros to candidates that have been pre-screened by your employees.

Automatic referral message to contact

When the hiring team pings your employee with a referral request, the employee has optionality for Intrro to send a message on their behalf.

Automated messages for LinkedIn

3) Smart Referral Suggestions

We are building a Qualified Referral (QR) AI model, which learns the kinds of applicant skills and experience that a hirer is looking for based on the hirer’s engagement with past candidates. We will use the model to help employee’s find contacts in their network they are most likely to know, for which they have the best chance to hear back from. This will reduce the likelihood of you overlooking promising applicants by highlighting those who are a great fit.

Coming soon...

These are the updates so far, but we have more coming up next month.

We’ve found that it’s valuable to mine any feature request for deeper information so that we can fully understand what you are trying to achieve.

That's why for the next product update we'll make our roadmap public and we'll invite you to leave feedback, upvote on topics and explain why they matter to you so that our team will know your priorities while developing new features and updates. Stay tuned! And get an invite to try Intrro.


Bonus: Live Demo Intrro 2.0 invitation

If you're liking Intrro so far and want to see it in action, then join us Tuesday 15th September 4pm GMT for our first Live Demo, where we'll walk you through our latest features. You'll also get premium access to try it out for 14-days. Don't miss out! Register now

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