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The future of HR

Nasser Oudjidane
December 19, 2022

No one has a crystal ball, but in this topsy turvy world, it’s sometimes fun to speculate on future trends. Much has been said, spoken and tweeted about the future of remote work, so when Pyn CEO Joris Luijke piped up, we couldn’t help but pay attention. 

In February, @meJoris reeled off some fascinating thoughts on the post-pandemic HR trends we can expect to see.

We’ve summarised some of the main actions and observations you may wish to consider.

  1. Get ready for ‘polygamous careers’

The days of ‘exclusivity contracts’ could be over. People teams may increasingly allow employers to pursue various interests across different employers. Why not take a look at Polywork? Joris suggests it could become an ideal place to find talent.

  1. Get ahead of the co-working curve

Joris predicts that people teams will increasingly allow (and manage) co-working hubs, virtual office spaces and even ‘purpose built company resorts’. Strikingly, Joris raises the prospect of a new phenomenon: ‘work with neighbours’. He writes: “If you have a big home, you may soon be renting out ‘office space’ to your neighbours who can’t stand the isolation or who need space!” 

If you’ve not done so already, should your people team start formalising a co-working policy?

  1. Transform your onboarding 

Starting a new role in a virtual realm has the potential to be alienating (particularly if it’s someone’s first full-time job). Joris observes that ‘buddy programs’ will be ditched in favour of meaningful connection-building. Is it time, as Joris suggests, to introduce a ‘graduate experience expert’ to cushion the transition from uni halls to the virtual workplace?

  1. Go global with your hiring

“Companies who started remote hiring within ‘timezone hubs’ will increasingly start to hire talent from around the world,” Joris writes. In order to tap into these global hiring opportunities, HR will begin to assume greater responsibility for the legal nuts and bolts of a nomadic workforce – from visa approvals to tax implications. Are you ready to go global with the way you hire?

  1. Personalise your perks

In the remote-first landscape, how can you treat your team generously and keep them motivated? Joris foretells the decline of traditional office perks like free lunches and table tennis; instead, employee-tailored benefits will become the order of the day.

  1. EX marks the spot

The whole end-to-end journey of the candidate experience will become more significant, says Joris. In particular, he predicts that many HR departments will hire a ‘Head of Employee Experience’ (EX) to proactively analyse the candidate experience, listen to feedback and fine-tune any changes.

  1. Reduce your email overload

“Slack and email overload” is a real problem, writes Joris. As a consequence, he predicts that “HR will redo their internal communication strategies”, with more emphasis on targeting, automating and segmenting so that only the most relevant messages are sent.

  1. Record your meetings

Work is increasingly ‘async’, meaning employees can often work on their own time without the expectation of an immediate response. Tools like tl;dv mean that meetings can be recorded and tagged so that colleagues can catch up afterwards. “Decision making will be transformed,” writes Joris, referring to these tools in general.

There are so many original insights that we can barely squish them into a blog. So make a cup of tea and read Joris’s complete post-pandemic predictions for HR.

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