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Why I joined Intrro

Amal Ravindran
December 19, 2022

If you’d ask me, I’d agree that growth happens when we’re uncomfortable. When a group of people are working together on nurturing a product that we’ve built from scratch and watching it grow through adoption stages, there is uncertainty.

And it usually comes along with an even more recurring sense of urgency that we have to act up on the things we need to do, right away. What’s special about that environment is - we’d all want the same thing, to be successful.

Here at Intrro, we have that environment. We hustle, we fail, we get up next morning and we go again. When you truly believe in something, you know it’s worth taking the risk for and that’s exactly why I’m delighted to build the referral hiring platform, here at Intrro.

Employee referrals are fundamentally the most efficient way to find your next best hire. Your employees are your best recruiters and they always will be because they do not look for fancy qualifications, they observe. They observe commitment, grit, empathy and passion. And if they truly believe a person can add value to your organization, they’ll happily say so.

It’s as simple as that!

Working extensively in the HR-technology space, I’ve fortunately had the opportunity to understand the challenges of the most underrated department who runs the most critical element of any business across the globe - the people. Unfortunately, a lot of us who work in talent acquisition, also often overlook our people. And that’s the problem we’re after, here at Intrro.

It’s about empowering your recruitment team and celebrating them for consistently fighting to bring the best talent onboard. With the entire world embracing remote-first culture, fast growing enterprises are the first to adapt. We all need to bring in the brightest minds to work together and the war for talent is on!

And it’s at this point where we’d need to reevaluate our talent acquisition strategy and keep employee referrals at the top of the funnel where our people help us find like-minded superstars from their professional network, who they trust and would want to work with.

So here I am, with complete faith in what we do the best and helping build great teams for the best companies.

Enough said?

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