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New Joiner: Ana Chikashua

We'd like to give a warm welcome to Ana Chikashua as a Data Scientist.
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New joiner: David Rizol

We're excited to welcome David Rizol to the team
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Silicon Valley’s best kept secret

There’s a time for ‘doing’ and there’s a time for reading and reflection, and this blog, we’d like to share some inspiring insights from a book that many Silicon Valley leaders swear by.
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Recruiting in good times and bad

What lessons can we learn from the recent past? Here, we dust off the history books to help you refactor and improve your hiring processes for the rocky road ahead.
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A ‘product’ approach to hiring

In this blog, we’re sharing some bright ideas on how hiring can be more like building a product, helping you to eliminate bias and boost retention.
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On creating a great work culture (and how not to lose it)

Organisational culture is the secret sauce that separates the ‘meh’ companies from the major players. What can we learn from the Stripe success story, and is high productivity a thing of the past?
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