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How Dashlane turned HR upside down

In this blog, we share some invaluable insights from a visionary leader who’s taken a sledgehammer to traditional HR approaches. Buckle up for our latest ride through the company building galaxy.
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Why we need to think differently about remote working 

“I really can’t wait to commute today,” said no one ever. In this brave new WFH world, we explore whether we recruiters are using remote working tools as effectively as we could be.
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How to re-tool your hiring process

We’re guessing you may not be in recruitment overdrive right now, but that gives you the perfect excuse to press the reset button and tweak your talent-spotting methods.
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Performance-based hiring processes

It’s easy to be charmed by a candidate who talks a good game, but how often do we recruiters get buyer’s remorse when a new hire doesn’t work out?
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Lessons on hiring from Greenhouse

Read more about why Greenhouse philosophy is rooted in structured hiring and for people-first companies – companies that think about business strategy through a people lens.
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How to leverage your best interviewers

A brilliant candidate experience doesn’t just appear out of thin air – it’s a consequence of thoughtful processes and putting your most committed people in the hot seat.
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