Turn employee referrals into a sourcing strategy

Intrro combines candidate skill and diversity data so you can search your company network to find the right fit, pick the strongest connection, and get introduced -- all in one click

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Setup automations for specific criteria to find diverse referrals

You can also run your own boolean query to find candidates with specific skills, worked at different organizations or connected to a specific employee. Find out more

Create projects and notify employees who are connected

Inform your company about roles you’re hiring for. Employees can then refer more candidates who fit the criteria.

Collaborate with sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers and employees

Post a comment and mention your co-workers to ask specific questions or share relevant information in moving forward with your recruitment process

Review candidate profiles and request introductions

When candidates opt-in to connect, an introduction email is sent to you from the employee’s inbox automationally, on their behalf.

Get referrals to qualified, recommended candidates in 1-click

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