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Sourcing with Intrro


Let's show you how to source epic talent from your teams networks 🔥

Select an open role you are working on

All the job title synonyms you have configured from the jobs page will be auto-populated against the search.

Drill down

Use the following filters to drill down on the specific talent you are looking for.

Nature of relationship

Hover over your team's avatars to uncover the nature of their relationship to the candidate.


  • Click the 'add' button
  • Select a relevant position
  • 'Add to list'

Send the requests

We recommend stacking up 5-10 requests for each of your team members so when you send the request they get just 1 notification in Slack.

Your team will receive a Slack notification with your requests, they can respond at their convenience. They can choose to respond in the following ways;

  • Refer - The employee will leave you feedback and is expected to notify the candidate about the opportunity.
  • Lead - The employee will leave you feedback and the recruitment team should reach out and bring the candidate into the hiring process.
  • Decline - The employee does not wish to proceed with this request. They will leave you some short feedback.