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Slack, Network + ATS Integrations

Slack, Network + ATS Integrations

We believe that engaging all efficient employee referral programs produce results, however, because it's still largely a memory-based process, recruiters have to constantly nag their employees over and over again to see some results. We've decided to do something about this with Intrro.

Intrro is a collaboration tool for building an inclusive referral culture, we surface key professional relationships at your company, so you can hire more candidates by using the insights & warm intrro's of employees to help inform better hiring decisions.

We’ve re-imagined what it means to get a referral and made it super simple for your employees to offer amazing reputational data and warm intrro's to the talent they’re likely to know.

Here's how it works

  1. Intrro connects to your Slack workspace so you can invite participants and keep communication within an environment you already use.
  2. Intrro connects directly to your ATS to pull in your jobs and push back and track referred candidates making it super easy for your team to see the status of their referrals along the hiring process.
  3. Intrro syncs to your employee's LinkedIn contact book (opt-in, no spam, etc) and makes recommendations to them about who to refer. 

Intrro Slack App

The Intrro Slack app is the easiest way for your team to submit referrals, enabling your co-workers to receive Intrro requests and submit feedback directly inside Slack.

Intrro Bot can:

  • Onboard users
  • Make personalized suggestions for who to refer to every single member of your team
  • Notify hiring leaders when referred candidates are interested in speaking to the company
  • You can configure the app's notifications in our setting's panel


On behalf of the app, Intrrobot can:

  • View people in a workspace
  • Add shortcuts and/or slash commands that people can use
  • View email addresses of people in a workspace
  • View messages and other content in direct messages that Intrro has been added to
  • Send messages as @intrrobot
  • Start direct messages with people
  • View basic information about direct messages that Intrro has been added to
  • Manage private channels that Intrro has been added to and create new ones

Read more about the app's security practices.

ATS Integrations

Intrro has industry-leading applicant tracking system integrations, ensuring your ATS remains the one source of truth. The Intrro team is happy to offer customizations for your specific ATS setup.

2-way sync in 30 seconds: As soon as you connect your jobs will immediately be imported and you can start sending back referred candidates.

Sync candidate statuses: For every candidate in Intrro you can see what their current ATS status is even if they are assigned multiple roles.

Referral tracking for employees: Intrro syncs all your employee referrals each night to your ATS. Making it super easy for your team to see the status of their referrals every day.

Send in referred candidates Whenever a referral is made in Intrro, that candidate along with their referral information will automatically sync with your ATS.

Network Integrations / Chrome Extension

Intrro's Chrome extension is the vehicle used to bring in your LinkedIn contact book in just a few clicks. It has no utility after your LinkedIn network has been synced and therefore can be deleted and re-installed when you'd like to refresh your contacts.

Learn more about this in our FAQs and how we keep your data secure in our Data Privacy & Security Policies.