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Quick overview: for recruiters

Introducing Intrro 😃

We all know that existing ways of sourcing are too spammy and employee referrals, when done correctly, are one of the most effective sources or hires. But it requires constant nagging…

Intrro is here to help. Put simply, promising talent in your employee's networks are surfaced against open jobs, so you and your recruiting team can receive more referrals and hire more from recommendations.

We’ve re-imagined what it means to get a referral and made it super simple for your employees to offer amazing insights on the talent they’re connected to — turning sourcing into a human experience.

Key benefits for you:

  • Receive introductions to great talent that have been recommended by your team
  • Search across your co-worker's collective networks using smart insights and request Intrro's directly in Slack
  • Track the progress of your referral pipeline
  • Use our email automation tool to send pre-drafted messages to referred talent with a few clicks

Start using Intrro to build more collaborative teams, today! 🚀