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Quick overview for employees

Intrro is a warm referral recruiting engine. Everyone knows referrals are the best way to build teams by hiring smarter and more efficiently. Intrro makes it easier for your recruitment team to search across your LinkedIn connections and request introductions to the great talent that you know in Slack.

Key benefits for you:

  • Receive requests from your hiring team about contacts in your network they would love to speak to!
  • Review personally curated matches of your contacts to open roles at your company.
  • Track the progress of all your referrals within the Intrro tracker!

Working with people you 💙 rules! So start using Intrro to help your company build more collaborative teams, today! 😃

Data & Privacy 

Intrro only uses publicly available information to enrich our database and knows nothing about your online activity. 

We fully adhere to GDPR principles, including explicit consent, purpose limitation, security, the right to be forgotten, and more. You can read our Privacy Policy & FAQs to learn more about how we use and safeguard privacy and data.