Intrro FM: Scaling Stories

Recruitment is a job that’s never finished, and in our podcast, Scaling Stories, we invite some brilliant talent acquisition experts to discuss how they built their companies through effective hiring.

You're going to hear candid conversations, anecdotes aplenty, sharp tactical advice and myth-busting by the bucketload. So make yourself a brew, listen to an episode or two, and here’s hoping these insights can help you on your own hiring journey.

Amandeep Shergil
Director Of Tech Recruiting
Amandeep Shergil: Director Of Tech Recruiting at Automattic

We caught up with Amandeep Shergil, director of tech recruiting at Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Tumblr and more. Amandeep has plenty of experience in building teams at fast-growing startups like Lendable, so it was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the various possibilities and pitfalls when it comes to hiring tech talent in 2022.

Ruby Bhattacharya
Technical Recruiting Lead
Ruby B - Lead Technical Recruiter at Astra

In this episode we learn from Ruby B, who is leading technical tecruitment at Astra and is an active career coach.

Nicolas Bowles
Recruiter - Product & Design
Scaling Product & Design Hiring at Productboard

In this episode - we spoke with Nicolas, a recruiter at Productboard, a customer-driven product management platform, and he shared some pearls of wisdom on how to hire more effectively.

Beatrice Domiguez
Head of People and Talent
Bea Dominguez: Head of People and Talent at Aviros

In this episode I learn from Beatrice Domiguez, Head of People and Talent at Aviros. Founded in 2015 in Zurich, Aviros is building fleet management software in the cloud and is one of Europe’s fastest growing B2B SaaS companies.

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