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Internal Announcements

A modern guide to help you create a referral program culture that works.

How to Invite Employees

Announcing Intrro during a company All-Hands can be a great way to get everyone interested. 

Immediately after the meeting, have someone from the C-suite send out the initial email to the company. 

Companies that have vocal management support get 2 - 4x the return and participation in hiring activities than those that don't. 

Your Goal: 70 - 80% participation within 14 days of initial invite!

Employee Onboarding Best Practices

It's easy to get everyone at your company onboarded with Intrro.

Prior to launch, be sure to check out our pre-rollout checklist.

What's the best way to launch?

Depending on the culture of the company, we recommend the following as best practices.

  1. Provide an introduction to Intrro at your company all-hands. Intrro has created a short online deck, which can be customized, with a link to an employee FAQ
  1. Include instructions and a link to the Intrro’s website, with information on what Intrro is and why the company relies on it for referral based hiring.  For a quick overview of how Intrro works, click here.
  1. Have the c-suite send out an email to have everyone sign up and connect. Suggested text provided by Customer Success and customized for your company. Since Intrro uses Slack, it's easy for everyone at the company to create an account.
  2. Consider holding an onboarding raffle or hosting sourcing sessions

Create sense of urgency and excitement by holding a company raffle

Company raffles are an added incentive to create excitement during the launch of your referral program. Studies have shown that the average person has at least 25-100 great people in their network that could positively impact company hiring--and some have many more!

One way to encourage and reward employee participation in Intrro, is by holding a company or department wide raffle. These are especially useful during the first month of launch when you're trying to introduce Intrro and incentivize your employees for their participation.

You can customize the raffle eligibility criteria to meet your specific referral and hiring goals.

Sending just one message a week is usually all it takes to get all of your employees to participate.

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