Product update: February 2021

Hello Intrronauts! This month you'll be noticing some important changes in the platform, and it's all because of your generous feedback. Thanks for that!

Here's what's new:

  • Analytics & Data dashboard
  • Leads/referrals

Let's dive in!

Analytics & Data dashboard

We believe that you shouldn't need to be a data scientist to make smart calls. Make informed decisions faster and confidently with the new Analytics & Data dashboard.

These easy-to-digest boards will give you an overview of your Intrro activity regarding your jobs, candidate funnel, requests and pending requests. You'll also find some convenient buttons to trigger activities, such as boost a job or nudge an employee for a pending request.

Analytics & Data Dashboard


Refer or not, that is the question. Or is it?

Even if the company culture is one, successful teams are diverse. And the tech should adapt and embrace it! That's why we're adding different shades to building a referral culture with Leads.

In a Lead, the candidate is not aware that they've been referred, and the employee can leave a non-binding review, which will enable the comment to be less personal and compromising than a Referral. Another difference is that, while in a referral, the employee is more involved in their referred candidate's journey and, therefore, eligible for a bonus or a reward, this isn't the case for Leads.

Wrapping up:

More about Referrals and Leads in HelpDocs.

Behind the scenes: the Intrromates behind this addition are the Tech team led by our CTO, Vasil, and the Product team, led by our UX lead, Mariam

That's all for now! This 2021, you can expect our product update digest every first week of each month. If you wish you submit new features you'd like to see released or just keep an eye on what we're working on, you're mostly invited to visit our Public roadmap. You'll find it inside the in-app chat, our emails, and on the footer of our website, under Features.

Until the next Intrro update!

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