Smarter & more productive: Intrro 3.0 is here!

We listened to you, we took your recommendations in and here you have it. In this version, new roles and permissions for individual and team collaboration, smoother ATS sync to import and publish new positions, Smart matching of the best talent against open roles, and flagging Star talent for future openings. Let's dive in!

Smart matches

Why relying on your employee's memory when you can use AI? With Smart matching, employees get instant suggestions of candidates they're most likely to know. Here's how it works: once you publish an open role, Intrro analyses the employee's networks to suggest the most promising profiles, so that they only have to pick the best and hit refer. Done!

Smart matches

Star talent

Don't wait until you need it, get ahead of new openings with Star Talent. Whenever an employee is invited to join Intrro's environment, they're asked to identify the best professionals they know, so that when that new Video Marketer role gets approved, you already have something real to start with.

Star talent

Roles & permissions

To Employees and Recruiters, we now add the Account Owner role. The Account Owner will be in charge of managing Intrro's environment and attributing permissions and roles to users that connect their networks. This new structure allows every user to have their own individual account and manage everything from there.

Roles and permissions

Pick the open roles you want to work on

Let recruiters own their jobs. Sync with your ATS to import open positions and assign yourself the role you want to work on. Publish only the roles you want to share with the rest of the company, but if you're enrolled in a secret hunt, just hide it and work privately.

Pick the roles you want to work on

Tailor Intrro to your workflow

Every company is unique, and so are its needs. Choose what type of information you require from your referrals to fit perfectly with your recruiting processes. Employees don't waste their time, and recruiters get what they need.

App customization

Revamped employee UI

New year, new look. Employees can now help you out with recruiting more easily and intuitively. They get to mark Star talent, make referrals for their Smart matches, and check on their status as they move through the hiring process.

Revamped employee UI

There you have it, the highlights of Intrro 3.0 on a glimpse. A smarter, more productive and collaborative lead machine that gets stronger with every new update. We've also restructured our plans and pricing to ensure the best experience and the highest ROI, but for that, you'll have to talk to us 😉

Book your demo here and get Intrro to secure a 2021 full of new hires and growth.

Happy recruiting!

January 12, 2021

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