Who is a star talent?

On Intrro, we have created a mechanism for your employees to signal who are the high-performers from their network.

We prompt each of your employees to identify such talents as a “Star” to help you evaluate the right fit for the jobs you’re actively working on.

Each of your jobs is classified into its own project on Intrro, like you see below.

When you click in, the Top Talent tab is where you’ll find all of the best matches Intrro has curated specifically for this job, based on the skill sets derived from their LinkedIn profile and other public resources like Github, among others and verified against your job description and skill sets you’ve identified as essential.

Star talents have higher priority if they're matched against a job you’re actively recruiting for, and will be floated on the top of the list as they’re more likely to be referred by your employees.

It’s important to note who has starred the talent as a person working in the same department is more likely to give you a high quality referral as opposed to other employees related to the talent by other means.

You can also drill further into starred talents who have specific skill sets by running boolean queries from the search bar.

It’s highly recommended that you go through this list of talents from your “Talent Pool” page as this action indicates the level of trust and confidence each employee has on the talent they have signaled as a star.

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