Where can I see the responses to my referral requests?

You will be notified on Slack each time you receive a referral for the jobs that are assigned to you.

Here is an example.

You will also be able to track updates on each of your jobs from the notifications tab.

Please note that you can receive either a lead or a referral.

When your employee has agreed to reach out to the talent directly, it is classified as a Referral.

And when they leave it to your liberty to reach out to the talent, it is classified as a Lead.

It’s also highly likely that you will receive leads and referrals proactively from employees where you haven’t specifically requested. 

So we advise you to track them all directly from your pipeline.

There are 3 different categories of referral statuses on Intrro:

  1. Awaiting - where the employee is yet to respond to your request
  2. Referred - they have submitted a lead or a referral with appropriate feedback, as a response to your request OR directly from the top talent matches that were presented to the employees
  3. Declined - These are referral requests you’ve sent out to your employees, and they have denied it after their careful evaluation. You can also track the employee’s feedback from this tab as to why they think a talent won't be the right fit.

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