How to send a referral request?

Step 1 -

Each active job has been categorized into its own separate project, on your Dashboard.

From here, select the job you’re currently attending to.

Step 2

Review the list of curated TOP TALENTS who are recommended for the role. 

Intrro evaluates talents based on the skills you’ve deemed necessary, against the expertise they’ve described on their LinkedIn profile and other open resources like Github, Twitter and more.

From this list, Intrro also prioritizes talents who have already been marked as stars by your employees, automatically and stack them on the top.

Talents marked as stars by your employees have a higher likelihood of becoming a wam referral.

Step 3

Verify their skills and experience to evaluate if it directly correlates the requirements you’ve mentioned in the job description.

Intrro’s matching engine uses its proprietary algorithm powered by data science to extract skill requirements and strongly evaluate closest matches to surface highly relevant talents who has an existing relationship with your employees.

Step 4

Select the connected employee you’d like to ask referral from. 

We recommend picking the person who works in the same department you’re hiring for as they’re much likely to critically evaluate the candidate against the job.

Step 5 - Click on the “Request Referral” button to proceed.

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