How to assign jobs to myself

Once you have imported your active jobs from your ATS, you will automatically be promoted to assign jobs to yourself.

The integral part of this step is to define your target talent persona.

You can list out all the skills necessary for the role and Intrro’s matching engine will automatically filter down on talents who strictly fall under this criteria.

Intrro also leverages it’s similarity model to find skills that are closely related to the ones you’ve listed in your target persona to automatically widen the scope of search and surface qualified candidates holding relevant skill sets.

At any point if you’d like to assign more jobs to yourself, you may do so directly from the dashboard by clicking on “Assign More Jobs

Here's a quick snapshot of the steps.

Your employees are notified instantly that you’re seeking referrals for the jobs you assign to yourself.

These jobs are then floated on the top of the list to signal employees in referring talents directly for these jobs.

All the unassigned jobs are also presented to employees to enable talent referrals directly.

Intrro will specifically point to all the assigned jobs by signaling them as “Hot Job” to divert their attention towards the roles recruiters are actively working on.

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