Employee's FAQs

Why should I participate?

Hiring the right talent quickly, is beneficial to everyone on the team, in many different ways.

It creates a better work culture, helps maintain a competitive advantage, increases creativity, employee retention, as well as many other benefits that come with having the best teammates.

Not to mention how important it is for your own growth to work with great people!

Great people usually already have jobs somewhere else, but you reaching out to them can convince them to join your company, either now or later, instead of pursuing other opportunities that might come up.

So what else is in it for you?

  • Help your team find and hire better talent faster, which helps you grow, stay ahead of the competition and improve your work-life balance.
  • Earn incentives that you can redeem on useful and enticing things/experiences.
  • Help your contacts get a better job. If they’re not interested, they usually know someone who is and are happy you thought of them.
  • Lower the chance of a bad hire, increase the probability of good hires and save yourself time on hiring activities.
  • Have a searchable database of all your contacts across all your social address books in one place.
  • Easily stay in touch with your contacts
Why do I need to connect my networks?

By connecting your LinkedIn network to Intrro, your 1st degree contacts will be matched with relevant roles at your company as they appear, taking away the hard work from making a referral.

Syncing your contacts also means that your recruiting team can request an Intrro from you if they think a contact in your network is suitable for an open role.

Remember, no one can get in touch without your permission. No one else can see or download the contact details of your connections.

What do I get for making an Intrro?

This is dependent on your companies current referral policy. If they have listed the bonus you will be able to view it against the job.

What is the exact data you get from me?

Intrro accesses only the name, current company, and job title of your 1st degree LinkedIn contacts, only if you explicitly opt-in. This information is provided for the sole purpose of matching your contacts to open positions and enabling you to make an Intrro if you agree.

Intrro obtains limited data from you. Specifically, only the name, company name, and job title of your LinkedIn contacts. Find below a more thorough breakdown of the particulars of the data processing.

Intrro will never contact anyone or do anything without your permission. Intrro does not collect sensitive information such as private mails and there are no automatic opt-ins that spam your connections. Intrro uses only the name, company name, and job title of your connections to make smart recommendations for the purposes of hiring only.

Can you see anything in my social networks?

No. Intrro will only access the name, current company, and job title information of the connections across your LinkedIn contact book. It basically just converts your contact info into a spreadsheet. We can’t see your posts, your messages, your tweets, your photos, or any of your social activities. If you want, you can delete the Chrome extension straight after syncing networks and re-install it when you want to refresh.

Do you share my contacts with anyone else?

No. All the contact info that Intrro collects remains within our four walls. We also make sure that our security measures are up to date and top-notch. Your privacy is paramount. The only people who have access to your contacts are you and the designated people within your hiring team, who will do targeted searches in everyone’s contacts to find people who seem like ultimate team members for open positions. The people on your hiring team won’t message your contacts on your behalf. Instead, they will ask you to make the introductions. You can also delete your contacts and account at any time.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. We follow GDPR principles, including explicit consent, purpose limitation, security, the right to be forgotten, and more. You can read our Data Privacy & Security Policies and Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use and safeguard privacy and data.

In practice, that means your employer acts as the Data Controller and Intrro acts as the Data Processor in relation to your Personal Data and will use and process the Personal Data solely on your employer (our customer’s,) instructions, for the purposes of providing the Service, and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Can Intrro send messages or post on my behalf without my permission?

Definitely not. No one at Intrro will ever send messages on your behalf to any of your connections. However, your recruiting team has the ability to see all first-degree connections at the company and may, at their discretion, contact any prospective candidate directly. This typically occurs after hearing your feedback. All recruiters are coached that the best way to engage a prospective candidate is through the personal and professional relationship that already exists with you, the employee.

Obtaining a LinkedIn contacts email address

Within this short guide, we will walk you through how to obtain a 1st degree LinkedIn connections email address. Giving this additional information to your recruiting team can be super helpful to increase efficiency.

Head over to the LinkedIn profile

  • Head over to the contacts profile that you wish to submit as a Referral or Lead.
  • Click the 'Contact info' link as shown within the image below

Obtain email address

  • Copy the email address as highlighted within the image below
  • Paste this address into the email section of the Referral/Lead form.

How to sync your LinkedIn connections


Intrro accesses only the name, current company, and job title of your contacts from the sources you explicitly opt-in to, this information is provided for the sole purpose of matching your contacts to open positions and enabling you to make an Intrro if you agree.

Install the Intrro Chrome extension

Go to LinkedIn and open the chrome extension

- If you cannot find the extension try clicking on the 🧩 icon at the top right of your browser.

Your contacts will now sync!

- You will receive a notification in Slack when your contacts have been synced