Who is the security contact?

Single Sign-On

User Roles


Application Infrastructure

Vulnerability Management

Logical Separation

Incident Response

Vulnerability Disclosure

Software Development Life Cycle

Data Encryption

Data Subprocessors

New SCCs & the GDPR

California Consumer Privacy Act

High Availability

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery


Physical Security

Security Training

Risk Management

Security Policies

Vendor Management

Confidentiality Agreements

Endpoint Security

SOC 2 Type II

1. Definitions

3. Purpose and Scope

4. Security

5. Data Subject Rights

7. Sub-Processors

8. Audit

9. Impact Assessment

10. Data Deletion

11. Transfer Mechanisms

14. Customer Responsibilities

15. Liability

16. Term and Termination

17. General

Annex 1A

Annex 1B

Annex 1C

Annex 2

Annex 3

Compliance Documentation

Data Subjects Rights


Data Breach