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Import Jobs from ATS
Failed to import jobs, how to resolve it?
How long does it take to import jobs?
What to do if my ATS is not listed?
What is my careers page URL?
How to import jobs successfully from my ATS?
Assign Jobs
How can I unassign a job from my current assigned list?
How does unassigned jobs work?
What happens when I assign jobs?
How to assign jobs to myself
Invite Employees
What do employees need to do to sign up?
Are there limits to how many employees can sign up?
How to invite employees on Intrro?
What information can Slack App access?
Why is it necessary to install Slack App?
What does Slack App do?
How to invite employees to Intrro
Granting Slack Permissions for Direct Message
Can I revoke direct message permissions from Intrro?
Can Intrro read any of my messages on Slack?
How does Direct-Message on Slack work?
How to grant Slack permission for Direct Message?
How can I get more referrals
Who are "Top Talents" on Intrro?
How are starred talents related to my jobs?
How does an employee mark a talent as a star?
Who is a star talent?
Where can I see the responses to my referral requests?
How can employees respond to referral requests?
How to send a referral request?


Sign Up with Slack
What data does Intrro have access to, from my Slack account?
Why can I not use my email to sign up on Intrro?
How to sign up using your Slack account
Install Chrome Extension
Can I delete the Chrome Extension after I sync my network?
What does the Chrome Extension do and what data can it access?
How do I install Intrro’s Chrome Extension?
Sync LinkedIn Network using Chrome Extension
Can I remove my LinkedIn data from Intrro, if I change my mind?
Can Intrro see my personal messages on LinkedIn?
How to sync my network using Intrro’s Chrome Extension?
Identify top-performers from your network as stars
How can I refer talents I have marked as stars?
Can I remove people from my starred talent list?
What does a star indicate?
How to mark a person from your network as a star?
Submit a referral
Can I reject a referral request?
How can I follow up on a referral I submitted?
How do I respond to a referral request from a recruiter?
What is the difference between a lead and a referral?
How to submit a referral?

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