Get diverse referrals from your employees

Your next diverse hire is already in your company network! Using Intrro, your employees will create a talent pool filled with underrepresented candidates they recommend and want to work with!

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Create a project with precise diversity specifications

Women, African-American or any other underrepresented groups you’d like to find referrals from, you can easily specify it under a project on Intrro

Employees are prompted to mark more referrals from diverse backgrounds

Your projects specifications are made available to your employees, by default and helps them mark more referrals that are relevant to you

Get notified about new referrals for the jobs you’re hiring for

An email is sent notifying you about referred candidates from departments you’re hiring for

How does Intrro surface referrals from diverse backgrounds?

We’ve engineered search capability to mine employee networks for specific:
  1. Pronouns
  2. Colleges and universities
  3. Diverse organizations
  4. Ethnicity
  5. First names

Our sample query parameters

{{pronouns: SHE/HER}} OR {{went to women’s college}} OR {{African-American organization}} OR {{African-American women in technology}} OR {{National Council of Hispanic Women}} OR {{Society of Women Engineers}} OR {{Federally Recognized Native American Tribes}}

Intrro automatically runs these search queries when a recruiter saves projects with diversity specifications and surfaces relevant candidates that match the criteria for employees to refer.

Intentionally building a diverse team is now easier than ever!

Diverse referrals that move the needle

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