October 28, 2022
Measure the success of your employee referral campaigns

You can now track all your referral activities between a specific time frame to measure the success of your previous referral jam!

Navigate to Analytics and use the time window filter to input the date and see Intrro work its magic to present you with relevant metrics from your referral campaign.

Using the all new analytics module, you can track all of the below data points:

  1. Number of employees who signed up
  2. Number of employees who synced their LinkedIn contact book
  3. Number of referrals that were signalled
  4. Number of leads that were signalled
  5. Departments that signalled the most amount of referrals
  6. Breakdown of referral pipeline for each project
October 24, 2022
Sync candidates to a specific pipeline stage within your ATS

When you receive an introduction in your inbox - be it from an active referral or a candidate you requested an introduction to, by sourcing through your company referral pool on Intrro, the next step is to sync them to your ATS.

You can now send candidates into any state you may have on your ATS, under a job to keep your referrals organized and at the top of your priority!

Click on Sync to ATS from your Dashboard to get started!

October 3, 2022
Advanced filters to find diverse candidates your employees can refer

Building a diverse team from employee referrals is now a reality!

Use advanced filters on your referral pool to swift through candidates from underrepresented groups your employees can introduce you to.

You will notice an all-new diversity dropdown under filters when you’re running search on Intrro.

Select the appropriate option(s) from here, as illustrated above and click on Apply filter to see your updated results.

August 29, 2022
Simplified search page and additional filters to narrow down on your referral pipeline

Finding the right candidates is ultimately what counts! Navigate to your Referrals page on Intrro and type in a boolean search query to get started.

If you’d want to combine specific job titles with location or skill sets, we recommend using the advanced filters that are available to you by clicking on Filters, from underneath the search bar.

Click on Apply filter and voila! You will then see introductions you can get to candidates who match your requirements precisely!

August 29, 2022
The saved searches that you create will be shown to your employees

Communicating who you’re looking for is now simplified and more efficient than ever!

Simply save your search when you input your boolean query or using search filter from the prompt that appears.

Name them as how you’d want your employees to identify and interpret them. We highly encourage you to use the job titles you’re searching for and combine them with a specific location if you wish to.

Each saved search is shared with your employees to help them identify who from their wider network matches your specific requirements.

Employees can use them as filters to narrow down on their network and mark star contacts who they can introduce.

They’re also notified about these matches on email each week, to help hiring teams get more warm introductions to qualified candidates who fall under the scope of jobs you’re actively working on.

June 8, 2022
Activity timeline on each candidate profile

You can now track all the historic activities under a candidate quickly from the Timeline tab, which appears under all candidate cards, when you click into any.

You’d be able to track the history of:

  • Intrro requests and emails sent to the candidate
  • Feedback from employee or candidate on intrro requests
  • Employee activities on the candidate
May 27, 2022
Lightning fast LinkedIn contact book synchronization

We’ve now improved our speed of synchronization between your employee’s LinkedIn contact book and Intrro significantly, enabling them to import and enrich 1,000 connections in under 1 minute!

Employees will be notified on Slack as soon as this step is completed prompting them to mark star contacts who they’d recommend, at which stage recruiters can take over and start asking for introductions to them.

May 16, 2022
Granular analytics to track your employee referral program

With an all new Analytics module on Intrro, recruiting teams can track usage and derive insights on who the most active recruiters are and who the most engaged employees are, with your referral program.

Briefly speaking - you’d now be able to track who has delivered high quality referrals which has led to most number of hires and filter them out within specific timeframes, helping recruiters determine who to ask for more intrros in the future.

Track most active recruiters and engaged employees:

From the top, you’ll see overall stats on:

  1. How many intrros are requested by recruiting teams within the timeframe selected
  2. How many emails are yet to be sent out by employees to get candidates to opt in
  3. How many candidates are yet to opt in
  4. How many intros has the recruiting team received during this timeframe
  5. How many candidates were hired during this timeframe
Click into referral stats to easily identify candidates:

Additionally, you can drill down by clicking into any of these stats and see who the candidates are, as you see above.

Toggling between the candidate view or the statistical view from the option on the right corner will enable you to better visualize your referral pipeline.

See your referral passthrough rates:

From here, you can compare your success ratio of intrros your recruiting team requests all the way down to how many hires you’ve made.

May 16, 2022
Employees can easily navigate through contacts and identify stars they’ve previously marked

On My Contacts page, employees will now be able to see contacts who they’ve previously marked as stars to easily help them navigate without switching tabs, to track who they’ve submitted as a referral or leads during any prior sessions.

See contacts previously marked as starred:

They may also easily unstar any contact from the same menu you see above.

May 16, 2022
Multi-currency referral bonuses for different regions

You can now set up your referral bonuses to be in USD, EUR or GBP and they will be surfaced on the employee-side on My Referrals page.

Adjust your payout currency for referral bonuses:

Here’s a preview of how employees see referral bonuses that you offer. Remember - they will only appear if you’ve toggled the referral bonus ON under Bonus System settings.

Transparent communication on referral bonuses to employees:

You may navigate to the Company Settings page and click on the Bonus System to manage your referral bonuses anytime. Remember to click on Save Changes after you update any values from this tab.

April 19, 2022
Customize Intrro request notifications and reminders

You can now send limited, non-disruptive notifications when recruiting sends intrro requests to employees. Intrro will now wait for 30 minutes to aggregate all the candidates prior to sending a notification to your employees and share them all at once, rather than notifying separately about each, to avoid interrupting them multiple times during the day in correspondence to the recruiter’s activity.

Here is a sample of how the notification on email will look like.

It will also be followed up with a Slack notification which will be sent directly from the recruiter’s profile, provided they’ve enabled Slack Direct Messaging function on Intrro.

Bear in mind the Account Owner needs to install Intrro’s Slack App for recruiters within your Intrro Workspace to enable this feature. Here is how.

April 19, 2022
Add a new contact manually who employees can intrro

If a contact that your employee would like to introduce your recruiting team to doesn’t exist in their LinkedIn network, they may always upload the details manually to Intrro.

From their My Contacts page, employees now have an option to click on “Add New Contact” button and submit the details.

They can then choose to submit this contact as a lead or an intrro they’re able to introduce themselves to the recruiting team via email.

April 19, 2022
Leads are now candidates that recruiting can directly reach out to and mention the connected employee

Intrro now has limited the scope of Leads to offer recruiting teams highly actionable candidates who their employees refer.

All leads are now by default, candidates you can reach out to directly and mention your employee’s name to prompt a higher response rate from candidates.

When you’re in touch with a candidate, you also have the option to manually mark any lead as Contacted and they will then be moved to the “In Progress” stage on Intrro.

If you’ve received an unfavorable response from the candidate, you can move them off your pipeline by marking them as “not interested”.

It may also occur to you that a candidate hasn't responded to you despite reaching out. In which case, you can mark them as “No response” and will be hidden from your Leads pipeline.

In the event of a favorable response from a candidate, you can push their information to your ATS by clicking into a candidate card and selecting “Sync to ATS” and they will be pushed as a candidate to the job you pick from the prompt that follows.

March 30, 2022
New profile layout to review candidates

Your candidate review experience has just gotten better!

When you click into a candidate’s profile on Intrro, you will now have an elaborate view of their work history, education and their skills along with a list of employees you can get an intrro from.

You’d be able to track all the activity that has occurred on this candidate’s profile until now from here.

Also, all the social profiles of each candidate are listed on the right-hand-side with appropriate hyperlinks pointing to different platforms.

March 30, 2022
Customize your message sent to employees when requesting intrro

When you send an intrro request to your employee, you’re now able to customize the note you’re forwarding to them.

It is highly recommended that you add some additional content here about the role, your company and why you think the candidate would be suitable. Candidates may in some cases also be interested in finding out more about the employee benefits you offer or even the working culture.

The employee can then forward this note along with their message to the candidate, seeking their interest.

March 21, 2022
Intrro requests are now sent via email

All employees will now be notified on email about intrro requests sent from recruiters.

They’re also automatically reminded if the request is not fulfilled within 24 hours, each day up to 2 days.

Each request will also contain the respective recruiter’s name and job title to help employees easily identify who to approach in case they have any concerns or questions about the candidate.

March 9, 2022
Switch to employee-view from your recruiter or account owner profile

As a recruiter or account owner, you are now able to quickly swap into employee-mode, import your own LinkedIn contact book and test the complete workflow your employees will experience while using Intrro.

You will see this option labelled as “Switch To Employee” under the dropdown menu, when you click on your avatar on the top navigation bar.

March 9, 2022
Improved search results

Employees are now able to find their contacts by using either of the 3 parameters below:

  1. Name
  2. Company name
  3. Job title

Intrro returns results even if their search queries are partially filled in, and will accurately surface the matching contacts almost immediately.

November 23, 2021
Enriching employee networks in 2-minutes

Once you've sold your employees on signing up to Intrro and connecting their LinkedIn network - leave the rest of the process up to us.

You can now start receiving matches for your active jobs in under 2 minutes.

However, this may vary if the employee has over 2000 connections.

If your team need a reminder on how to import their network into Intrro, here are the steps:

  1. Download Intrro's Chrome extension
  2. Open LinkedIn
  3. Click on the extension and toggle the button to activate sync.


November 23, 2021
Updating existing candidate profiles, each quarter

If you're wondering how often we update the information we collect on your employee's network - it's now, each quarter.

Intrro will now periodically verify if your candidates have changed their job, or recently got promoted, among other variables to surface the most promising candidates.

This helps you:

  1. See latest job title of all candidates
  2. Track updated work and education history to determine the suitability against each job, without switching to LinkedIn
  3. Increase in the number of matches for your active jobs under each department

Ready to upgrade your referral strategy ?